Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New Drawings, Abstract Drawing Workshop and SID.


Above is a drawing I finished in last evening session, each work in this book is a progression of previous threads of ideas with a new twist added or taken away for each one.

Above is the second I worked on yesterday and completed I am reminded of a crazy Newton's Cradle, well sort of....

Today started with wet weather so I doubted my 'Tour and Draw' would be running but I went up to Barnoon Workshop to see if anyone turned up. I was correct it was just too damp. I did some drawing and then went into town to get a few things from The Times and Echo office, we have more posters to laminate. Oh the life of an artist isn't just about doing your own work, I do wish it was I could take on some larger projects, one day I hope that will be the case but who knows.

This afternoon I held and Abstract Drawing workshop for two. I took them on a drawing journey to explore their inner abstract artist. It went really well with both students seemingly throwing themselves right in at the deep end. I took them through warming up exercise using various drawing media and finishing up with a larger scale drawing project. Both students were familiar with my work which was nice and there were periods of solid talk and debate over what to do and followed by periods of quiet concentration. In the early versions of this workshop I used to draw with them but I realised that that might put too much of an influence on the students so I only started drawing whilst they were on their final larger work. The results at the end were one has a large drawing plotted out but needs much more work and the other finished a A3 piece. He did that with sharpies and had already looked at my books in the spring open exhibition at The Mariners Gallery that he was really happy with the way sharpies bled through 140g paper, so he was even happier with the reverse side of his work. I call that the 'bleeding narrative' and has been a feature of many works over the last few years.

Whilst the concluding part of my Abstract Drawing workshop took place I took the time to finish this drawing above. I really enjoy doing this workshop and really enjoy the people I get ready to explore and I am going to continue doing it from time to time although I never get large numbers the folk I do get really seem to get into it.

Since then I have been home, had dinner and then had to run out to a SID (St Ives In December) meeting representing The St Ives Lantern Parade which has been based at Barnoon Workshop since it started 2 winters ago. Meetings always go on too long but it was a good meeting and I set out what we needed to do a good show this year. I hope we get the funding, we have been a considerably underfunded so far but that we think have seeded the event and people seem to want it again which is really nice so fingers crossed for enough funding to make this work and fun.

Cheers I am off to draw.....

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