Monday, 22 May 2017

Boris Johnson, Grant Curnow, Jeremy Dellar and Barnoon Workshp.


 Above is the drawing I completed in last evenings drawing session and I am really very pleased with it. I am not exactly sure why but it just really works for me.

When that drawing was done I launched into the next one but didn't complete it, so it is where I start tonight and lets see where this goes.

Today started as it does every week with attending and helping at the Monday morning open drawing group at Barnoon Workshop. The subject was using oil pastels and we all drew a variety of interesting and different vegetables, I forgot to get pics of mine but right at the end I had a little abstract moment as you can see by the drawing above.

The class this morning was a very jolly and vibrant affair a couple of our regulars couldn't make it this week but we had three extras drop in and by midday we had a huge amount of drawings between us.

Class over and I nipped off down town to pick up lunch items and found that there were quite a few policemen, none of them were our local officer so I started to wonder what was going on, I popped into the building society and on exiting carried on up the road observing more policemen and some rather obvious plains clothes officers too. I went to the co-op bought lunch and when I came out I was passed by a rather sleek and huge Jaguar with blackened windows and a Range Rover also with blackened windows. I just knew it was to do with our General Election and that it wasn't Jeremy Corbyn as he was up north I turned the corner, the cars had stopped and out popped Boris Johnson a little shorty and more rotund than I thought he would be and unfortunately I wasn't  near enough to him to be able to as k him an awkward question, so I headed back up to the workshop to assemble our new table and have lunch.

Lunch was had and the table got put together and we tidied up and headed down into town again picked up a bit of shopping and headed home to do some work.

Before work got started we both logged on to our social media to find a video from Cornwall Live. It showed our friend and ex fellow trader in The Drill Hall Grant having a bit of a loud 'chat' aimed at Boris, however Boris didn't seem to have any answers to Grant's awkward questions and scuttled off to his car to get away. By the time of writing this blog some of the video online has had more than half a million views. It does give an idea of just how unpopular the Tories have become and especially recently since their brutally uncaring manifesto.

I am now feeling hopeful that we will have a change of government when votes are counted the morning of 9th June and that our country will become a fairer place to live in.

I also read a Guardian  Online piece about the posters that have been going up in and around London with 'Strong And Stable, My Arse', proclaimed on them turns out to be an 'art piece' or just plain protest by Turner Prize winner Jeremy Dellar. Top Man! Quite a few years ago I met Jeremy Dellar a few times when I was teaching. My wife's art class at the time had a few visits from him involving her class in an exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery. He seemed like a very interesting well centred fellow an is a very interesting artist in many different areas of the art.

Anyway I am off to draw and see if some of the events today will make the news on the TV.


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