Saturday, 6 May 2017

Contemporary Abstract Drawing,


Well today has been a bit of a wipe out for me, I did go up to the workshop for a short while and then down into town and had a quick coffee with Pete Jarman in Cafe Art. I started to feel a bit unwell so headed up the hill and went straight to bed and have been there since.

I have slept quite a bit and watched some fairly dreadful but slightly entertaining Saturday TV. I was slightly more engaged by Doctor Who. Zoe has looked after me bring up some food and drink from time to time. I still don't feel that great but have done some drawing but not taken any pics of them, so I will show tomorrow. Needless to say I have enjoyed the finished result of one and have now got quite a long way into number two but I need breaks as it seems tiring.

So I am going to leave the rest of this blog as really just visual feel free to enjoy or not....

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