Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Beach art, new drawing etc.


Above is the drawing I did last night and yet another work in my new whole sketchbook work and yet another one I really like. I am getting quite happy with the flow of the drawings through the book so far. I will be working on it later.

Today I did a drawing tour of the buildings around town between 11 - 12:30. After I went down to Porthmeor to find Zoe, my wife and Erin working on some 'land art'. We broke for lunch on the beach and then went back to finish a few ideas off for tomorrow's  workshop on the beach.

 Above and below are my quick contributions a sand 'hollow dot' taken from the ideas that are feeding into my sketchbook work and a pebble line.

Above is the seaweed ring from today.

After the beach we got ready for tomorrow and took some things down to the Island Centre, nipped home had dinner and then I went back out to do a guitar lesson.

Blog written and drawing to do.

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