Friday, 5 May 2017

Private Views, New Drawings and gubbins.


Above is the first drawing I completed last night and then I got stuck into the one below and finished it too. I still have no idea of what the final destination of this whole sketchbook work will be but it has started with a monochrome manner I wonder where it will end up.

Here is the final drawing I finished last night and seems to be keeping a theme.

Today has been a day of many parts, there was a one watercolour workshop up at Barnoon. When that had finished I went up to help clear up and took this pic of the pathway work down the side of our workshop. It has been closed for very nearly 6 months and has had quite an impact on our business. It is promised that it will be open on 7th May. From the pic below it doesn't look like it will be.

We then went off to get a coffee at The Rum & Crab Shack and relax before a couple of private views. On the way I took a pic of our windy bay from the corner of Barnoon Terrace.

 When our coffee arrived Zoe did a bit of a 'wotnot' on the top of her drink.

After our little relax we went off to the private view of Colin T Johnson's paintings at Cafe Art a bit sad but mainly joyous as it is the first retrospective since his death a few weeks ago. Interesting work and although having known Colin and seen many many paintings of his but never so many circular pieces all in one place.

After some time we then headed off to the Penwith Gallery to the second private view of Public Hanging 2 featuring Anthony Frost, Rod Walker, David Kemp and more who's names elude me now.

I have started to think about what I will be drawing next, In a few gaps today I have already started the next drawing in my book. So I believe I have finished this blog.

See you tomorrow.

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