Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My world of Contemporary Abstarct Drawing.


I normally start my blog with a new drawing or drawings although I did do a drawing last night I have failed to take a pic of it. So a quick review of previous work and a little about my day today.

Today we had a busy morning workshop and  I did draw and tour focusing on building and this afternoon we got a load of 'stuff' ready for tomorrow, we have two sold out workshops another drawing tour and also an evening kids club to do. This evening I have given a guitar lesson and am now home writing this.

So below is a rough mix of some of my work.

So these represent some of my strands of drawing but certainly not all.

As usual I am off to draw and get some more work done which is my usual mode. I draw everyday I can, I only miss the odd one and will be back tomorrow to show you new drawings from the last couple of days.


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