Thursday, 1 June 2017

Art drops, workshops and drawing session.


Above is the drawing I completed last night and yet again I am happy with it, another riff on my themes for this book.

Today has been a very busy day two very busy workshops morning and afternoon and my drawing tour was quite busy enough too. Five people drawing 'beach life' we got on the benches above Porthmeor I helped with advice on drawing styles and just generally tried to guide our drawers. One of the ladies had been on a workshop last year and it was nice to see her again especially as I had donated some art work to a charity exhibition. I hadn't know what had happened to my work but apparently it had all been sold and in fact someone had bought the driftwood piece and had given it as a present to the organiser, the lady who was on my drawing session and she now keeps it in her dining room. So often I don't find out where my art ends up and nice to actually know.

Above is a small art drop I did today on a small bit of sea pottery, the latest ones seem to be echoing some of the work I am doing in my current whole sketchbook work.

Here is a view just after my outdoor drawing class and Porthmeor Beach seems to be as busy as it is in the middle of the summer holidays.

With the day workshops over we then went up to Carbis Bay Hotel to do an arts and craft kids club. Our first there and the hour session just flew by and was fun too. Above is another little art drop I did on the coastal path whilst on the walk on the way back to St Ives. We met up with our friends and had a pint in The Rum and Crab Shack a really nice ending to the day. Below is a view of the harbour and island whilst the sun was going down and it got a little misty.

I am now off to draw and get ready for what tomorrow brings.

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