Monday, 26 June 2017

Starting the week, St Ives Artist and drawing.


In last nights drawing session I worked on three drawings but only finished two, above is the drawing I started the night before as you can appreciate it took quite a number hours to complete so as light relief I did a quick drawing below, on a slice of holly wood that was donated to me by Graham from The Barnoon Workshop Monday drawing group.

 Today started with the drawing group session at Barnoon run by my wife, the theme this morning was drawing with the senses. We started with feeling our faces and drawing what we felt with pens and the charcoal.

We then went on to drawing with smell, as that sense I feel is a bit more abstract and I had sniffed lemon oil I took that as a literal start without really thinking and the melded that with a bit of the style of my latest series of drawings and so above is my abstract lemon.

We had done the first half of the workshop in silence apart from our banter, Zoe then introduced a musical element in the form of some Brian Eno instrumentals and this above is what came out.

Above is the last drawing I did as part of the drawing workshop, I didn't quite finish it but managed to complete the 'colouring in' during gaps of continuing to spruce up the workshop.

I am just about to watch a television program 'The Art Of Japanese Life'. It is the third and final part of this documentary series, I have been fascinated so far and with it starting with Bento Boxes is a great start. Life and art, I can feel that.

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