Thursday, 8 June 2017

New work and The General Election.


Above is the first drawing I did last evening and then below I riffed on that theme for a second drawing. I am happy with the way they both look on the page and the way they sit in the book. So that is good then. I have since embarked on another that I hope I will get finished later.

Today started with rain but I went up to see if anyone had come for my drawing tour but as I thought the weather was against it. I got the workshop ready for this afternoons workshop which was an abstract drawing session. I nipped home had lunch and then we both went up to our polling station to cast my vote in this election. I have great hope for a humanist result but I am also feeling very apprehensive about what might happen for all sorts of reason.

We went up to the workshop again and I did my abstract drawing session and below are the two drawings I did as part of it.

Above is done with sharpies and coloured pencils and below with compressed charcoal.

I am off to draw now whilst this scary general election starts to play out, as a younger man I used to book a day off at work after election night so I could pull an all nighter. I have always been enthralled by the whole process although after recent times of weird results and proven election fraud (although no individual is culpable), it still fascinates me but I do feel worried for our whole nation.

Whilst I have been writing this the 'exit poll' has just come in and it says it will be a 'hung parliament'. Tomorrow we will see in the cold light of day.

I hope our country is a better place tomorrow and I really hope the Tories decline and fail and are not back in charge, they will do this country harm.

I hope for a better world tomorrow, I always do really!

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