Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday, New drawings etc.


Today has been a day of a drawing workshop on the coastal path, good weather but a little windy. Some lovely drawings done of the flora and fauna around Man's Head. I saw a baby adder moving off the coastal path at quite a rate, it was no more than 6 inches long and almost worm thin. Whilst drawing we spotted quite a few Common Blue butterflies, we also had quite a close low level fly-by of RAF Hercules. So all in all a nice session.

This afternoon we worked on improvements to the Workshop.

 Above is the first drawing I did in last evenings drawing session a much lighter treatment to some of the drawings in this book so far and a lighter contrast to more intense works.

And above is the second drawing I did last night and I think it is probably number 82 so far out of 140, so quite a bit over halfway and I have already started the next one which is well on the way and what I will be getting on with soon.

I am now watching the Glastonbury Festival coverage on the BBC. I first went in 1979 and the last time was 1992. One day who knows I may return and I think that every year when I watch it on TV.

I am off now.

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