Thursday, 15 June 2017

Four more new ones and thoughts.

Thursday:Wednesday Evening:

Above is the drawing that I had started the previous evening and finished off to my satisfaction last night.

Above is the second drawing I worked on last night however I didn't finish it.

Today has been quite an odd day I am still taking in the news of the Grenfell Tower disaster it is safe to say I am shocked and saddened on many levels. During the day I have been manning the workshop, Zoe my wife has managed to get some painting done I have done some more drawing which has resulted in  two further pages being completed. I haven't done a page count but by the looks of it I am nearer to halfway than I had thought.

 Above and below are these afternoon editions.

Today we have also been out delivering and putting up more posters around town including a quick visit to The Farmers Market in The Guildhall bumping into Kaz which was nice. I spent quite a bit of time outside today and have been thoroughly sunned. Considering my ever present sense of sadness today I am glad I buried myself in work.

I am off to draw soon.

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