Thursday, 22 June 2017

New drawings and drawing.


In the last 24 hours I have done three drawings, The one above is from my whole sketchbook work that seems to have taken over all my drawing hours and to break that up a little I sometimes do smaller drawings on small sea pottery fragments that become my 'art drops'. The two below I left out and about for people to find. These are informed by all these recent drawings I have been doing in a real flow in my recent project. I am now really starting to think about doing some larger drawings inspired by this book project and also trying to work out how to fit in the time to do so.

Thoughts have now started to plan a joint exhibition with my wife's painting and my drawings in early October. We are slowly turning the inside of our workshop into not just a workshop but an exhibition space too. We are starting to think of a title, which may well influence what kind of work we do if we come up with it soon. The title may arrive soon or not who knows.

Today I did a small drawing tour/class down above Porthmeor, drawing beach life and the surrounds, an hour and a half went by pretty fast and since then we have done some very boring stuff.

So I am off to draw as I do a minimum of 360 days a year, it has become so much a part of my life over the last 10 years or more but if you had asked me then that I would be leading some drawing tours and classes in St Ives Cornwall I probably wouldn't have believed you although it was probably a small idea or fantasy but very very unlikely. How life can change.

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