Wednesday, 7 June 2017

My day today and last nights drawing.


Above is the drawing I didn't show last night and below is the new drawing I did last night and managed to finish off in gaps in todays proceedings. It is the 50th drawing in my whole sketchbook work which means I am slightly over a third through the whole project in just over a month. I think that is slightly faster progress than I had anticipated.

Today started in earnest with me heading up to Barnoon Workshop to see if I had anyone on my drawing tour. When I arrived the were a few people gathered. So I had four for drawing the buildings of St Ives. Below is our final destination Norway Square. It was a good little drawing tour then met up with Zoe for a coffee and she got ready for her drawing class this afternoon and I got ready to help at Trims again. It was an enjoyable afternoon playing grocer.

 After our work I went back up to Barnoon and thought I would take a pic of this old sun dial still on the wall at the bottom of Barnoon Hill below.

I am now off to draw and to keep my fingers crossed for a good and fair result in the General Election tomorrow.

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