Tuesday, 27 June 2017

91st drawing in my book complete.


In last evenings drawing session I kept on thinking about the art of Japan and those thoughts remained with me whilst I continued my work on the drawing above and indeed while I did the drawing below. At the end of the evening I was satisfied with what I had done and already had a firm idea of what I would do next.

Today started with me doing a Draw and Tour around St Ives and whilst I conducted the tour we stopped to draw on Smeatons Pier and I have been doing various different views across the bay and the one above is towards Porth Kidney and The Hayle River, only a scribble in some ways but it is a style I am working into at the moment and I really enjoy the freedom.

 Tour done and lunch eaten we then got on with doing some more improvements to the workshop and we also had time for a bit of art too. Below is the result of that time and the 91st drawing in my book, so less than fifty to go.....!

Whilst writing this blog I have been watching a documentary on Hokusai and I am rather captivated so I will ramble on on art another day.

Off to watch and draw.

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