Wednesday, 14 June 2017

New drawings and one of Smeaton's Pier.


Above is the first drawing I completed last night, I had started it in the previous drawing session and when I had finished it I wanted the drawing to continue across the page and below is that drawing.

Above is the two pages together and it seemed most fitting to carry on the idea even further..... I carried on over the edge of the next page too and then there is the drawing I am working on later which is the one on the opposite page as another continuance. I will reveal that when it is done in my next blog.

Today I did a draw and tour focused on buildings and below is one of the drawings I did whilst we were on The Wharf. We had been talking about Ben Nicholson and his line drawings so we tried to simplify everything and this is the 10 minute drawing I did below.

This afternoon I have helped at my friends grocers and and enjoyed it, I am feeling quite comfortable with the role.

Well that has been some of my day as an artist in the very fair town of St Ives.

I am off to carry on drawing in my book.


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