Saturday, 3 June 2017

Four new drawings and today.


Here I go again sharing the drawing or drawings I did last night and above is no exception, I started and completed it in one session whilst watching the so called Leaders Debate Question Time. Blimey what a biased program that was but I think Jeremy Corbyn did very well whilst Theresa May looked rather uncomfortable and sometimes looking very nervous especially whilst lying. Anyway back to my drawing, well I am rather happy with it.

In the same session I started this one above, I did not complete it though.

In the morning I went up to the workshop, I offer a tour and draw on Saturday's but perhaps it is the wrong day for such a thing so I didn't have any takers but I was happy to use the time to finish off the drawing I started last night.

I popped down town picked up a few things and went back home for a quick spot of lunch and then we both went back up the workshop. We had a little experiment with the remaining indigo dye that was left over from a workshop session a couple of days ago, I did a T-shirt and Zoe did a duvet cover.

We had decided to do art after the quick shibori moment and Zoe got really stuck into two new paintings and I spent quite a lot of time outside drawing. It was a bit breezy but the sun was warm and it felt like the right spot to draw.

So above and below are the results of the two related drawings I did, two different treatments of the same scheme.

So I have added four drawings to this project I embarked on exactly a month ago and I think I am about a quarter through this whole sketchbook work so I am expecting it to be finished in September sometime if I can keep this pace up.

I am now off to draw and relax.

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