Monday, 12 June 2017

New work and bird drawings.

Monday: I am starting my daily blog in a very similar way to a lot of others by showing off the drawing I worked on last night so below there it is. It took two or three hours to do and I am very pleased with it as another addition to this book project I have been working on since early May.

Today starts as Mondays do in my life as an artist with attending my wife's drawing class. Eight of us nipped down Barnoon Hill to Trewyn Gardens to draw birds, not a very easy thing to do but the whole group seemed up for it and we used our powers of gestural drawing that we did a few weeks back of people on the beach. Below is my first attenpts at trying to capture what was going on in front of our eyes. The three avarian visitors we had in our hour in the gardens were a Seagull a blackbird and a few sparrows. The sparrows were so hard to capture and I only managed to start catch one,

When we returned to the workshop we played with ideas from our sketches and above and below are a few of mine.

I then tried it with ink and stick. I really enjoyed all these exercises, you always learn when you are drawing.

This afternoon was spent getting more posters around town and shopping.

According to the media when we returned home I see Theresa May is still in trouble and hasn't got her act together. I do wonder what the next few days bring, I am doubting she can form a government but who knows. We live in interesting times.

Off to draw....

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