Friday, 16 June 2017

Not a bad day at all.


Above is the second drawing I did last night and a bit more minimal than the one I forgot to photograph to share. I will put it up tomorrow. This drawing however marks the fact that I am now actually halfway through this project. A £6 sketchbook can go a long way with me. I started this whole sketchbook on May 3rd and it already has a working title of The Monochrome Set.

 Today started with me going up to Barnoon Workshop as I am now accustomed 5 days a week to do a 'tour and draw'. Today's subject was coastal flora and fauna and as I waited for people to turn up I started the drawing above.

There was a knock at the door and some drawers had turned up so off towards Clodgy we went on the coastal path to find a suitable spot. We got just beyond Man's Head and then got stuck into drawing on the cliff tops, I didn't manage to take any pics of what I did but it was a really nice session in the sun, hearing the waves booming under the cliff below.

 Above is the two middle pages so far although the drawing I did earlier before the tour I will certainly be adding to but I did kind of like the way it sat there before I carry on with it.

 When I returned to the workshop I was greeted my this lovely shadow on the wall created by a pot of cornflowers we have been growing at home but took up to draw in a drawing session and it just caught my eye. Two different views above and below.

After the tour I went back to the workshop and was joined by my wife and we had an invite by dear friends Lauren and Graham for a late lunch in their new flat. Honoured to be their first guests and great food banter and coffee was had. I love how this town rolls.

Above is the view out of their new lounge window, rather splendid!

We also picked up the rest of our work from The St Ives Society of Artists.

I am off to draw

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