Sunday, 18 June 2017

74 done and 75 on the way.


Above is the 74th drawing in my latest book, I feel I am really exploring in such a rewarding way at the moment, long dots and hollow dots.....

Today has been not drawing and doing other things, like enjoying fathers day with some website work and a few other things. I did manage to sneak in a little bit and that is what I will carry on with later, number 75.

Below I am showing a selection of drawings that Jordan Jackson photographed for me a few months ago. Normally when Jordan comes round we end up making a day of it or an afternoon and an evening. Photography, food and a nice informal drink and chat. A damn good fellow and a helpful soul, the artists friend.

Above is one I sold a couple of weeks ago.

From a sketchbook


Post card and future album cover

Watercolour, ink and gel pen.

Poldark is on the television a must watch if you live in Cornwall, we know a few of the extras and always fun spotting them.

I am off to finish number 75 cheers.

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