Saturday, 24 June 2017

Glastonbury Festival, New Drawings and Sea Pottery.


It is Saturday now but let me bring you up to date with the drawing I managed to complete in the last 24 hours. Above is the first drawing I completed even though I had already made a bit of a start yesterday. As I am accustomed at the moment I slipped into the next idea and started drawing almost immediately

Above is that drawing started and completed whilst watching the Glastonbury Festival coverage, it went from a round up of some of the highlights and onto the entire Radiohead set. I have been quite a fan probably from the second album The Bends although everyone knew Creep before that. I have always been delighted by their stance and the more avant garde side of the band and last night was two hours of strange wonder from them. Safe to say I was totally enthralled.

I started the drawing above last night also and made a good start but didn't finish as we had work tomorrow.

So Saturday started with us opening the workshop up for a drawing workshop that was booked for a group of ladies. We found out quickly that this learning to draw session was booked by one lady as a surprise for the group' I did the first three quarters of an hour with them before my drawing tour which took slightly longer than usual as when we go to look at two of the large paintings housed there as we had finished looking at these painting I realised the council chamber was open so we popped in to take a look at a very special oil painting inside. I have only given it a quick look before at a seminar earlier in the year on online marketing. I had spied it then and so with this opportunity we popped in for a gander. It was quite a bit older than the works in and around the stair well and showed only some visible signs of modern St Ives. Some of the Harbour, the Church and The Terrace above up where the Leisure Centre and The Junior School is was a tin mine. I must get back in there for another look sometime and find out more about it too, it was also a fitting end to our tour and draw.

After the tour we went and manned the workshop where we were intending to do a portrait session however the weather was against us but I had one taker for one of my 'Ostraca Profiles' but quite frankly it was very quiet. A friend and fellow artist Gazelle came and joined us and we spant a happy afternoon chatting and working on some of our own drawings.

Above is the drawing I finished in the gaps this afternoon.

I have also managed to do my next art drop which is below. Five fragments of 'sea pottery with ideas flowing out from my book ideas. These sea pottery fragments I like to collect from the beach and then draw on them it makes quite a change from flat paper. I tend to leave them around for people to find and pick up and sometimes I also give them as little presents. All the most recent ones have been found and that was a bit of the motivation to do a few more so I will probably sign these tomorrow and put them somewhere.

I am off to draw now and probably watch more of the Glastonbury Festival music coverage.

Cheers all!

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