Monday, 5 June 2017

Monday and new work as ever.


Above and below are the two drawings I did in last evenings session in reverse order but the order that they appear in the book and I seem to still be stretching the ideas I am riffing on to make this whole sketchbook work so as per usual I am happy with the results.

 One thing I love about my life as a 'struggling' artist is that Monday morning starts with attending my wife's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop. It is a very enjoyable way to start the week and a lively group to boot. Lots of discussion and banter about all manner of subjects and lots of drawing too. Todays session was about collage, charcoal and indian ink. Two hours went by really quickly. One of our happy throng of drawers, Ann Kelley was due to have her delivery of her new book today, can't wait to see it in print with her cat drawings.

Above is one of the three drawings I did this morning and I really enjoyed doing it too and adding the last minute ink wash to give it a setting.

We went down into town to get a spot of lunch heading off down Barnoon Hill in what was becoming quite foul wind and rain, we got soaked. After lunch we went our separate ways Zoe back up to Barnoon for a watercolour workshop and me to help out in my friends shop Trims. So I spent a second afternoon as a grocer.

Since life things have happened and now I am watching Andrew Graham-Dixon on The Art of the Medici on BBC 4. So far so good and so I am off to draw.


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