Wednesday, 21 June 2017

New work, drawing tour and The Solstice.


Above is the drawing I was doing last night, I hadn't quite completed it so as I awaited my drawing tour this morning I did a bit more but I still hadn't completed it when it came time for my tour.

Today's drawing tour was on buildings, so we went off first to Barnoon Terrace and then off to the back of Norway Square and above is what I did in my sketchbook. When I say sketchbook I now have several on the go, my abstract sketchbook project and several that I am using on my drawing tours.
I was watching a documentary on Turner last night and it gave a bit of an insight into his sketchbooks and how simple some of those drawing were and how they fed into his larger work. I am sure mine have fed into my bigger works I just wish I had time to do more big works but I have all the ideas for them piling up in my books and hopefully they will be unleashed at a future date, I have so many plans.......

This afternoon after our packed lunch salad at the workshop Zoe did some painting. My wife is making her way back into her work and is starting to make progress again and I am looking forward to the results.

Whilst Zoe was painting I went outside for some sun and to draw and above is what I have done, I nearly finished it off a we caught an hour or so on Porth Gwidden and then finished it off between then and now.

I had a five minute moment and also drew on this Shell.

Well after the hottest Solstice day I can remember I am off to draw.


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