Tuesday, 20 June 2017

New drawing and a drawing tour.


Here is my latest finished drawing above, I completed last night and another in the series The Monochrome Set in my latest book. I am continuing on the book later when I have finished this blog.

 This morning I we up to the workshop as Zoe had a private drawing class and I left them at 11am to do a drawing tour for 5 which nice. One of the gathering is an electronic musician so we swapped details and keep up with what we are doing musically.

After the tour finished I bought a couple of cold drinks to take back up to the workshop it has been nearly 30 degrees today at least. We had a late lunch after the class finished and then went for a relaxing coffee at The Rum & Crab Shack.

 Above and below ia a little art drop I did there. I kind of left them as a bit of fun if anyone finds them or as a little tip. Both were signed.

I was looking through some recent-ish non abstract drawings and thought I would share this one I did of someone on the beach before the weather has hotted up.

Above a little view out of our bedroom window just to show how green it all is. Perhaps I should draw it sometime.

I am now off to draw and relax.

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