Monday, 19 June 2017

New drawings and more.


 Above and below are 75 and 76 in my current book project, two very different drawings that seem to fit in a nice random way into the book as a whole, which is my intention for this work.

I also did this small pottery fragment drawing in last nights session and I am sure it will be used in a future art drop.

Man's Head

Monday starts as Monday does at Barnoon Workshop with my wife's weekly drawing class, it was good group today and we went out and about West Beach Bakery to draw and figure out perspective.
Something I think the whole group finds hard and above is my most successful drawing from this morning.

The weather was very hot today so we shared a spot of lunch on Porthmeor and even had a sighting of a pod of six or so dolphins, it always lifts your spirit.

Above is a pic in the blazing sunshine of our workshop.

This afternoon after doing a bit of planning went down town to get some fruit to draw in tomorrows private drawing lesson.

Whilst down town I bumped into Steve Jones who has been working on I should Coco's new workshop place. Steve is a well known local singer songwriter and we have played together a few times. Once in the Kettle and Wink where I play some guitar with him and Simon Guthrie and he also was the lead singer for a few Bobby Wotnot gigs that we did a few years ago and you never know we may again in the future.

I am off to draw and it is going to be a really warm night.


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