Saturday, 17 June 2017

Terry Frost - The Book Of Ideas and new drawings.


Above is a drawing I did two sessions ago and forgot to share it.

 Above is the the first drawing I completed yesterday in my now habitual evening drawing session that follows after my daily blog post. I sometimes think that I am losing drawing time by blogging daily but I rationalise this as an aid to thinking about what I do and putting those thoughts out there from time to time.

Today started for me with an art tour of the town, we have been running these art/drawing tours from Barnoon Workshop 5 days a week for just under 3 weeks and some of the time the weather has been a little against us but this is the first Saturday it has run and I only got one person but it is still a joy to do. So we went on the the tour as I explained about the towns art history we nipped around with me filling in art facts and we ended up on Smeatons Pier for a spot of drawing. Whilst drawing I found out that the lady on the tour had actually been an Irish dancer and had performed with a friend of mine Harry Webley aka Mosschops, small world.

After the tour Zoe and I spent the afternoon at the workshop doing various things and planning future events.

Above and below are two drawings I managed to do this afternoon whilst sitting in the idylic unbroken sunshine of this beautiful day. These drawings just seem to be pouring out of me at the moment, I feel I am in a rich vein of creativity but truly one never knows fully whether that is the case. Time will tell.

Above and the two below are a few drawings I did in my coastal flora and fauna drawing tour on Friday.

As always happens some work better than others but always a joy to do.

Also this afternoon I did an 'Ostraca' profile boxed and drawn on sea pottery.

After leaving the workshop we went for a quick pint in The Pilchard Press before going of to a private view at The Belgrave Gallery. The show is based around a large scale Terry Frost  sketchbook. As someone who does a lot of sketchbook work it was a joy to seen the whole book exhibited and with such a good exhibition title too 'The Book Of Ideas'.

Above is a quick pic at the exhibition featuring Bob Deveraux, Anthony Frost and Paul Vibert.

I am now off to draw.


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