Friday, 22 September 2017

Your Face My Art, new works in a progress, The Rum & Crab Shack.


Above is the drawing I started in last evenings session an I am probably going to add to it tonight.

Today started at Barnoon Workshop with a Shibori Tie Dye session our final workshop of The St Ives September Festival although we still have a portraits session 11:00 - 16:00 tomorrow.

After the morning session we had a light lunch treat at The Rum & Crab Shack, see above. Whilst there I bumped into Chris the twin from the shack that has now opened the Exeter R&CS only a brief chat but lovely to see him again.

We then had a bit of time to mooch around town which we don't get very often and prepare ourselves for this evenings portrait studio. I also dropped off a couple of my whole sketchbook works to Trim's for Andrew to show his Sister and later Zoe and I were joined by Gazelle ready for Your Face My Art.

Considering the weather this evening we had quite a few visitors and I also got chosen to do a portrait in my 'ostraca' style and above is the drawing I produced on a pottery shard beach find in a wotnot box. Zoe and Gazelle also did portraits and friends Audrey and Nick came up to say goodbye until next time the head down here. So a lovely little evening event with a nice vibe too. 

In the gaps today I have also started this drawing and it is my new work in progress 'up at the workshop' and we will see if I have anytime to add to it in tomorrows Barnoon event. We will see.

Above is a drawing I did in The Penwith Gallery a couple of days ago and I had a look at it again today and I really like it now. It represents a nice little drawing session with Sandy who had first come to the drawing group on Monday and joined me on a art/drawing tour on Tuesday and then turned up for 'buildings and architecture' on Wednesday. So today as the Shibori class her and husband John turned up and to give us a present, a carrier bag of home grown veg and to say goodbye and when they make it down to St Ives again she has vowed to come to drawing again.

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