Monday, 4 September 2017

Starting the week and some treatise on my drawing. Oh me me me!


As I often report in my blog on a Monday, my week starts with the drawing class at Barnoon Workshop. Two hours of creative time, today is was based on Bryce Mardon and his free lines and the couple of hours went by like a flash doing. We had regulars, a possible new regular who has just moved to St Ives and is a painter and two people on holiday. We all did loads of drawings but as I have got back late from work this evening after meeting up with friends I am not able to share the drawings I did in the drawing class and also the drawings I did in last evenings drawing session.

Tonight I am faced with an A4 piece of watercolour paper to draw on and am now wondering how I will start and what will grow on that surface and indeed how long I might end up working on it.
Below I will show you some various drawings I did whilst having that thought before I started.

Above is a fairly recent drawing that took quite a few hours, two or more evenings work.

Above is a drawing that was in an exhibition in London called 100 Square Feet and as for the drawing itself I can recall it took quiet a few sessions including the last final push the afternoon evening and half the night to finish it in time for submission. Phew I made it and made the show. The first showing of 'Bobby Wotnot' art in London to this date, I hope it won't be the last.

Above is a drawing I did on a piece of slate using sharpies and gel pens, I remember having the idea and then it took quite a few sessions to complete this work.

Above is a drawing that is at the more extremely time consuming drawings I have done so far. The original version of this drawing was done for my first solo exhibition, The Theory Of Everything at Stantonbury Gallery, Milton Keynes at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. It was exicuted as a very straightforward continuous line drawing of some grids a theme taken from living in and around Milton Keynes. After having then moved to St Ives and lived there for some 5 years I then decided to rework this drawing and embarked on a work that probably took me a good two or three months in elapsed time to complete all the dots in the grids. As I isaid before and probably in these 550 or more blogs it only kind of hits me when I have these relatively simple uncomplicated ideas like, 'Why don't I see what it looks like if I fill each one of these grids with small dots. There that was simple and then with in a hour or two it started to dawn on me just how long this was going to take as the drawing was on an A1 sheet of paper. I was up for the task but could imagine if I had a different personality this is an endeavour that could drive someone nuts, I am prepared to do the work and enjoy how the drawing grows and that final few minutes or hours when you know you are going to complete it.

Above is another take on a grid drawing and it's conception was when I was doing one of my abstract drawing workshops that I do from time to time and started as an example but over quite a few hours and quite a few downtime drawing sessions I had completed it and I really loved it when I finished it and last year it also sold and then framed.

Above and below are two drawings from my last whole sketchbook work that took more than one session to do, probably between five and six hours each.

Above is another larger drawing that took more than a weeks drawing work, a few hours a day and just getting on with it when you can. This drawing is framed but as yet unsold at the moment it is on sale at the reasonable price of £225.

I am now off to see what I do on the blank piece of paper, Cheers.

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