Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Drawing, Thinking, KLF etc.


Well here I am again as I have done for nearly a year and a half now, I have built it into my daily routine to write this blog for many reasons but mainly to show my world of drawing to those who find it. I hope it illustrates my work practices and some of the thinking that goes on while I am drawing. I seldom do this in silence as I enjoy listening the radio mainly BBC 6 Music with a bit of radio 4 thrown in and of course television too. This way I get a flavour of the world through the music, art programs, dramas, documentaries and the stuff you cannot get away from like the news and current affairs. This washes around as I concentrate on drawing and exploring my small corner of art.

 Above is a small postcard drawing I first worked on last year sometime but I am now remixing each of twelve postcards I did in that time, I think it is finished but I don't really know at the moment.

Above is a new postcard drawing with the 'work further in' ethic I have with small works at the moment.

 Above is another postcard drawing I have started to remix, I am quite happy to dip in and out of these small drawings.

Dipping in and out of these small works also enables me to get on with a larger drawing so above is an A4 piece that I started in last evenings drawing session, looks like it is another grid drawing and playing with some of my themes and hopefully fully exploring with a new twist. This is how it seems to me anyway!

The other side of my drawing activities these days are the drawing tours of St Ives I do weather pending five mornings a week and also by attending the open drawing class my wife leads every Monday Morning. I have learned so much from starting my week in this manner nearly every week of the year.

Above and below are two warm up drawings I did in yesterdays class, taking on some free lines. The bottom one is more worked into with charcoal and compressed charcoal.

We all then drew with pens on the end of sticks in a kind of Bryce Marden kind of way.Above is one I did and then couldn't resist adding to because it didn't look finished. I ran out of time with it but I may well add more.

One last drawing for this blog is one I did on a drawing tour last week, I really enjoy doing them and I also like the results and people seem to like them which is always nice.

I am now turning my thoughts to evening and drawing as well as having my head full of the KLF after catching up on iplayer from a couple of Sundays ago put together by Tom Robinson. Their activities are always fascinating and they are back doing something......


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