Friday, 8 September 2017

Commission Finished, work in progress and Shanty Baba


Above is the drawing I have been doing as a commission and I managed to finish it last night. When I had finished I decided to start another in a similar manner but with the coloured dots in a slightly tighter grid, so below is how far I have got with that one so far and I will be continuing with it later.

Today has been a day of getting the workshop ship shape for the September Festival so we have been up there most of the day moving things around, getting rid of stuff we no longer need and cleaning. Towards the end of the day two old friends from Milton Keynes popped in. It was very nice to see Jan and Peter again it has been quite a few years, just over five since we last saw Jan.

I all the clearing up and moving things around I found this pattern of paints on Zoe's easel and they caught my eye. 

After leaving Barnoon we nipped into town hoping to catch up with BID man Carl but he had had to return home  so we sat an admired the view from the harbour. Before we went up the hill we bumped into Shanty Baba who took us for a pint and a chat and a low key celebration that most of the Tate St Ives extension works seem to be on the verge of being finished. Our workshop, our business has been reasonably blighted by hoardings and noise ever since we opened and it now looks like we will have a much more visible place, with the addition of more parking again which has been of restricted size for a couple of years now. It is always good and uplifting talking with Shanty, I must write more about this interesting chap sometime. He is the St Ives story telling supremo doing tours and shows and in the last year and a bit has actually opened a museum dedicated to Sir Richard Burton the Victorian explorer who brought back the 1001 Arabian Nights and also the Karma Sutra.

I have to go off and draw etc. I will be back tomorrow.


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