Thursday, 14 September 2017

New drawing and Barnoon Workshop. St Ives September Festival.


Above is the drawing I started in my abstract drawing workshop the other day and today I have finished it and I am very happy with it I am.

Today has been a busy day for our Barnoon Workshop we had a slightly fuller than full take up with our Watercolour with Nicola Higgins this morning and we have had a really successful portrait studio Your Face My Art event. We met some lovely people who have become a part of this festival event.

Whilst we were getting ready for tonight's portraits I did these small pieces for an art drop which I managed to put out there for people to find for free.

After the portrait session we went for a couple of pints at The Western with our friend Jordan Jackson and mulled over the festival so far and I also managed a nice chat with John from Martyn Jackson's Tea Band.

We have a morning session of Beach Find Mosaics to set up for in the morning and then set up for the portrait studio tomorrow evening as well.

This is a bit of a brief late night blog and I have some drawing to do before sleep.

Cheers and back tomorrow.....

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