Saturday, 2 September 2017

Drawing continues....


Today has been the first relaxing day in what seems like such a long while. I have spent most of it at home as I didn't have an art tour and I have been researching galleries. I have even found a handful that that when I have my 'approach' sorted I will contact and see if I get any replies it will be interesting to see if I get any response at all but hey if you don't try.....

 Above is the drawing I failed to share last evening, then one with 3,554 grids and the same number of dots.

Above is a small drawing I did in the last twenty four hours and I have been thinking about what new works to submit and do for a future exhibition at Barnoon Workshop called 'Hand Held View' and it seems to be influencing my thoughts and actions.

Above is a drawing I have worked on for two sessions already to get it to this stage but since I took the pic I have finished it and will share tomorrow.

Above is a drawing I found today that I seem to have not finished and so I am going to do more work on it but I have this feeling I am going to make two or three smaller works out of it.

Well with that thought I want to get on and see what happens, another day in the life of an artist.

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