Thursday, 28 September 2017

Four days in and more to go.


Above is the drawing I have been doing for four evening sessions so far, perhaps some 15 or 16 hours work . I will continue on this the first drawing in my new whole sketchbook work. I feel that if the work continues in this initial manner it might take some time. We will see if this is the case when I finish this first drawing and see how the second one starts, I have a number of options in my head.

Today started for me with a beach life drawing session with a couple from Lancaster. we went down to Porthmeor to take in the scene and draw some of it, I gave a few pointers and then as we draw conversation flowed on many topics, half way through the session two seals turned up and spent quite a lot of time checking out the surfers and presumably catching a few fish.

Porthmeor Today

As I clambered back up the hill from Porthmeor back up to Barnoon Workshop and the beds at the side of the flats have finally been planted and I think it looks good and will lead up in a proper fashion to the new roof garden above the new underground gallery that is ready to opened on 14th October.

This afternoon has been spent doing some website work and getting organised for this weekend and next week too.

I am off to draw.

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