Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Lost Gardens of Heligan Breathe Compliations Album Artwork and download etc.


Yesterday evening it was confirmed that a drawing of mine has become the art work for a new album on Breathe Compilations from Mexico. I have a history with this net label, if memory serves me right they have released three of musical works in the past and now I have provided a cover for one of their albums. So thanks to Breathe and to Quetzal, it is an honour.

Below is a link so you can listen to the music or even download it for free, My online music mate Transmission 13 from Manchester is on it too.

Also last evening I continued working on the drawing above, it is growing but not very fast but hey that is the nature of a work like this so I will continue tonight and probably tomorrow too.

Today has been a different day for us as we delivered a soap making workshop at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. We had a lovely day Zoe and were taken to Heligan by Erin from Pick Pretty Paints and below are some random snap shots from our day. It was such a shame it rained all day as we had planned to spend the afternoon sketching our way around the Gardens but it was a grand day never the less.

I am off to draw now. Cheers.

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