Tuesday, 26 September 2017

New A5 Sketchbook Work Started, Tour and Draw and more.


Above I have started a new whole sketchbook work, It doesn't look like I have got very far with it yet and indeed I haven't but believe it or not this is some two hours work and a statement of intent on what the book will become. We have just received 50 new A5 sketchbooks that I use on my tour and draws and we felt for a change we could have one each instead of keeping them as stock. I am using this one for some abstract work for a change.

Talking of tour and draws this drawing above is one I did this morning on my tour as we were bathed in early autumn sunshine. It was beautiful, warm and quite calm except the odd shrieking gull and child. In many ways you can't beat St Ives at this time of year especially when the weather is so clement.

Above and below are two more recent drawings from my tour sketchbook above is one from The Rum & Crab Shack and below a stylised minimal one of Porthmeor Beach with Clodgy Head on the left and The Island on the right. Of course I have shrunk the beach a little to get both ends in. I keep coming back to this because I want to do a definitive one on a slightly larger scale.


After the tour I made it back up Barnoon Hill and took this view over the bay and then as I got to the top. I found this exotic plant below and it caught my eye.

This afternoon I have been zesting lemons for our soap making workshop at The Lost Gardens of Heligan tomorrow which should be fun and then lots of little things that needed to be done before our away day workshop.

 I am off to draw and get this first labour intensive little work more finished. Why do I have these funny little ideas that then take ages to finish. I am hoping that when this book is complete I might be able to find a buyer for it, well here's hoping.



  1. Dear Bobby, the compilation with your art as cover is now available, thank you. Cheers! http://breathecompilations.org/v-a-oir-cosas-nunca-vistas/

  2. Very happy to be a part of the project.