Thursday, 7 September 2017

Drawing commission, Charlie Brooker and art ideas.


Above is the commission I started yesterday as part of a drawing lesson I gave. I must have spent over four hours on it last evening and still have the bottom centre to finish off which I will do in a while as I start this evenings drawing work. I have no idea what I will draw next or what on although I might remix a few more of my postcards if I pick the path if least resistance.

Today I did a beach life drawing session above Porthmeor Beach the wind was a little keen but ok and we all did work on our drawings. Towards the end of the session the lady on this draw told me she had been Charlie Brooker's A level art teacher. I asked a few questions and found out what a driven lad he was even then making the odd bit of pin money selling story boarded ideas and scripts to the BBC and whoever else would take them. I really do enjoy Charlie's cynical take on the world in general and of course he is a very funny and clever entertainer.

This afternoon flew by after lunch and I even managed an on the fly meeting in the shop this afternoon with Carl from BID. He passed on a few new ideas for myself and my wife to mull over tonight and hopefully a quick meet up at the end of the day tomorrow.

So not only have I drawing to do but thinking as well.

I'll be back!

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