Saturday, 16 September 2017

Postcard drawing and more.


Today I had thought to myself I must do more documentary pics for a change as we had event on at the workshop. So what happened was I left the house without my phone so no pics of the day after all.

We had a day of portraiture at Barnoon from 11 am to 4pm we met some very nice folk and had a good day. I had time to start a new big drawing but as above I didn't record what I have done on it so far, however I did add some colour to a postcard sized drawing and for once I used colour pencils which I am starting to enjoy using and the results.

Above is a similar little drawing done to decorate and help me find my current sketchbook that I use on my tour and draws.

I am now going to continue with another work in progress and leave with some random drawings from my recent past.

Above  one on driftwood ply.

Above bringing colour to a post monochrome set drawing.

From The Monochrome Set

On part of a vegetable box

On mountboard

On fabric

on fabric

'Flag' on end of vegetable crate

From a sketchbook work

On Mineral

Sketchbook work

on rock and pottery

a postcard

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