Monday, 11 September 2017



Above is the drawing I started last evening and will be continuing with tonight when I have finished this blog.

Today started with the drawing group at Barnoon and above is the main drawing I did after our warm up exercises of doing drawings of objects in a bag that we couldn't see but could only feel. I then went on to do a pencil drawing of a bunch of carrots on hessian, I really enjoyed doing it and it took quite a large bit of the class.

It was a bit windy today and out the somewhere in this pic is a kite surfer hacking it across the bay.

Above is just a random pic from my day.

This afternoon Zoe went up to do her watercolour class and I did a few things around the town abit of networking and such.

I am now thinking about what I will do with the drawing I started yesterday but I have to finish off the red dots first. This drawing is being done with dry wipe white board markers for a change and I am liking the way the nibs degenerated as I dot with them and they may have wider uses. We will see.

Back tomorrow after my Tour and Draw and my abstract drawing class tomorrow afternoon.

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