Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Work in progress and The Penwith Gallery.


Above is the work in progress that has been on the go for a few days now with me doing the odd half hour to get it moved on and completed. I also did a bit of drawing last evening but forgot to take a pic.

Today has been a busy day all in all. We had a slightly over sold sculpture workshop today that my wife was leading, I helped set up and help organise a few things for it and the had a tour for one. Sandy who had been to monday mornings drawing group and then was on my tour yesterday again arrived for buildings and architecture. The weather was rubbish so we went off to draw and headed to The Penwith Gallery to seek some shelter. It was a lovely little session lots of drawing and lots of chat. It was also nice to show someone a gallery that they hadn't been to before, The Penwith Gallery is very important to me and even part of what set me off on the road to being and artist.

As a youngster my parents brought me to Penwith for many holidays mainly staying in Sennen Cove but we always went to St Ives for some beach and culture. I remember a visit to The Leach Pottery but more regularly over the years we would end up in the Penwith Gallery and I have no idea of the who the artist were on the wall, the potters but I think a sense of abstract came into view. I remember thinking that what I was seeing was far more exciting than what I had seen in Galleries in Manchester. I already had a vague notion that for some reason it seemed more interesting and free thinking than the wonderfully executed classics from art history, not that there is much if anything wrong with old paintings but these seemed new and exciting and to be looked at with the same reverence even if you didn't like some of them. I had no idea that this regular holiday experience would have set something off in my head like a very slow time bomb that would softly explode as I became more of a visual artist.

Above is a small bit of a sign on a car park that just shows the modern world off in less than a good light. Neat bit of design though.

After an afternoon in the grocers I went back up to the workshop and then finally back into town down Barnoon Hill with the Palais De Danse on the left. I should do another few drawings of this view in the future.

I am now off to draw, see you tomorrow.

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