Friday, 29 September 2017

Hollow Dots, Sketchbook Works.


 Above is the drawing I have now been working on for five evenings so far I think I should get it finished tonight as I only have an inch to do.

Above is a close up of the same drawing just to show the 'devil in the detail' and to give you the viewer the idea of why it has taken so many hours work with each small circle or hollow dot as I often think of them drawn with ten separate pens in ordered groups.

This drawing is the opening statement for my next sketchbook work and it kind of sets a tone to what I will create as I make the whole book. This time I intend to not use my 'bleeding narrative' technique which has become a bit of a theme with many of my sketchbook works.

Above are some images from 'Obliterarty Volume 3' one my Sketchbook Works.

Above are another 3 from The Bleeding Narrative book.

Above are a bunch of drawings I did in a hand made sketchbook.

I am off to draw and continue with my latest book.


  1. Contemporary abstract drawing is cool! It has a voice and I can hear its colours ...

    1. Keep listening, I have loads more to say. Cheers Rob.