Saturday, 30 September 2017

Teo Gonzalez, Agnes Martin, Finished Drawing and The Drawing Room.


So I finally finished this first drawing in my new book in last evenings session. I normally manage to do at least three hours work a night and the first part of yesterdays was completing the work above.

I paused for only a few minutes and then started the next work, drawing number two in the book and this is another one that is going to take a while and seems so far to be the theme of this sketchbook work so far. Below is a close up so you get a better idea of what is going on. I will be getting on with this drawing when I have finished this blog.

Well Saturday started with a difference, we got the workshop ready for 50th Birthday portrait session for 18. It was a lively couple of hours with birthday boy Paul having friends and family 'trained' up to do his portrait. By 11:20 a very lively and good natured session and the pic below shows a bit of what transpired. By 1pm all was done and we went off for a well earned lunch after doing a part tidy up. Oh by the way thanks to Paul for the champagne, not every weekend starts like this.

We finally returned home in the rain and hunkered down to relax and research.

Today I have rediscovered Agnes Martin's beautiful work and discovered an artist new to me Teo Gonzalez. Although my work is quite different to theirs I feel there is a connection. I first discovered Agnes Martin when I visited Kettles Yard in Cambridge with my now wife. I remember a stillness to her work and the mood it created in the gallery space. I like a lot of art in many diverse forms but just sometimes someone's work really speaks to me in a more personal fashion.
So I have spent the afternoon and early evening reading up on The Drawing Room and the Contemporary Art Society and exploring where it led such is the internet and it's algorithms many hours can be lost trying to get more informed.

Well I am off to draw and think about all the art I have seen today.


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