Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Another different day, new drawing to be finished, Tate St Ives and malarky.


Above is the drawing I completed last evening about eight hours work in this one piece of A4.

 Today started with two ladies coming back to the workshop since the drawing class on Monday morning. On for a portrait by Zoe and one to do a session of how to draw the Wotnot way.

Above is Susie doing her Wotnot with Barnie looking on.

Above is the drawing I started to show what I did in this style whilst my 'student' did her version. By the end of the session Susie offered to buy my drawing if I could finish it by Friday, so when I finish this blog I am going to put in some more hours on it so I can get it completed in time. As an aside this is the first time someone has offered to buy one of my drawings before I have even finished it.

Above may not look like the most picturesque view but this is the first time we have been able to see our business from this position for well over two and a half years. This is the beginning of the end of The Tate St Ives extension, they are returning one of the car parks to proper usage. For the last ten months they have not been a pleasant neighbour, having had the path past us shut for six months and longer than they originally declared and then the amount of noise we have suffered with no forward warning of when then big noise time would be. I feel their 'considerate' constructors have not been considerate enough, maybe more about that in future blogs.

This afternoon I was a grocer again and then attended a meeting of St Ives in December committee for further clarification on this years Lantern Parade, we move forward with good intentions but not much seems to be clearer. Standard for this time of year.

This evening I then went back up to the workshop to deliver a guitar lesson and now I am finishing my blog and I will be off to draw.

See you again tomorrow...

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