Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Book Launch, new drawing and malarky.


 Above is the drawing I did last night started and completed in one whole session and although it is not the best pic of it I am happy with this, another experiment in drawing done.

Today was another day of us running our arts workshop, we had an upcycled jewellery session on all day and I had a drawing tour now the weather has got better.

Whilst out on the drawing tour today I showed off a small wall of  'Leach' tiles near Porth Gwidden. I love these tiles and above is the snail one I know almost nothing about how these tiles got here and I must try and find out more. Perhaps a visit to The St Ives Archive would be a good source of information on this subject.

At the end of workshops today I did a 'docu' shot from outside Barnoon.

After workshops were over we went into town for a quick bite and then on to a book launch.

Above is a quick blog pic of Ann Kelley doing her talk at her book launch for 'On Moonlit Night'. Ann has been attending our Monday morning drawing class for well over a year now and what we didn't realise then was Ann was about to decide that she was going to illustrate her next book. I am thrilled and honoured that my wife Zoe Eaton is the first name in the acknowledgements and I am second on the list. We arrived slightly late and got instantly named as Ann's drawing teachers. It was a lovely event with a hint or two of Prosecco. It was also really nice to see many of Ann's framed originals of the drawings from the book.

We then went on to join our friends Nick and Audrey in The Kettle. We first met them when they started to use our Arts Cafe, and indeed Audrey first got pointed to our little establishment by meeting my wife's daughter at a creative writing workshop in the library. By the time the next festival happened as this happened in our first September Festival Zoe started an event at the cafe called 'Free Speech' which became a bit of an institution in the Lit and Sept fests. Audrey would always attend and deliver her latest poems and writings.

It is part of what happens when events are put on friendships are made and since we have moved on to being the Barnoon Workshop 'people' they have continued to support what we do. Tonight it was lovely to pass some time chatting and finding out more about each other, in all the years we have known each other that we have had a social.

All in all a good day, I am off to start a drawing that I am only contemplating as I write this. I wonder what I will do....


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