Friday, 15 September 2017

New drawing, work in progress and a bit of my day.


Above is a drawing I started and finished today, well unless I decide to add colour, then it is not completed. Time will tell.

Below is a drawing I got this far with in the last evenings session and I will continue with tonight when I have posted this blog and stopped watching Only Connect.

Today has been a very windy and inclement day so again I had no outdoor drawing tour this afternoon I have been helping in my friends shop which was a jolly shift with regulars and September festival goers and I saw my first new ten pound note. It was busy I then met Zoe and Gazelle up at Barnoon Workshop and have since returned home.

My thoughts are starting to come around to the sketchbook I have had for a few weeks and not started, I think I have been ignoring it so not coming up with an idea to set the book off. That is a plan for the future but I also have to get some much larger drawings done through the autumn and also nail some small drawings for the Hand Held View exhibition.

Tomorrow if the weather gets better you never know I might have a drawing tour and I am also one of the portrait artists for Your Face My Art at The Barnoon Workshop. Last weekends YFMA was rammed and hopefully tomorrow will be the same but who knows, we will see.

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