Sunday, 3 September 2017

Abstract Art and new work, RIP Walter Becker.


Has been a relaxing day although I have done some website work and some drawing and some general rest and catching up with things. 

Above is the drawing I finished off yesterday after I shared a nearly completed version. I am very happy with it and it kind of rounds off a thought I had with a previous drawing a while ago, when I had a similar set of dots on paper and finished it off with straight lines at that point I knew I would have to do a version in the manner above. I have now done that and for some reason I feel strangely satisfied, probably due to the fact that it was pending or in my 'in tray' so to speak.

Above is the drawing I started and completed with this 'Hand Held View' idea rolling around my brain. Some of my thoughts were about getting enough work into a piece even though it is a small work.

Above and below are some of those thoughts illustrated and shows you the viewer an insight in to what I might think when I am near then end of a drawing. So above the question is, 'is it finished?' And below is the question 'did I do too much?' At this time I can't quite give you the answer and indeed a third question now comes to mind is it finished at all? Who knows is my answer, if it were life and death what a hard life being an artist would be......

Today I have been ready more about galleries, artists and what abstract art is and I feel a little compelled to enter the debate. I was reading everyone's favourite source of online 'facts' and cam across this little quote that I don't feel I can fully stand behind, "Total abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognizable. In geometric abstraction, for instance, one is unlikely to find references to naturalistic entities." I disagree in this manner, my work is often geometric although not mathematically perfect but more like life and therefore can look like natural entities or their traces.

Continuing with abstract thoughts here are two drawings/sketches that I did on one of my outdoor drawing sessions last week and although I have abstracted and simplified what was in front on my eyes at the time these I do not think qualify in anyway to be abstract art at all...... I do enjoy doing them and I am getting a style of my own in these works and I must do some out of the sketchbook to see what happens if I think of them as finished works and see what happens bringing a few to market so to speak. Well lets see what happens.

The dinner is now all cooking, a vegetarian roast up and I am going to carry on drawing and thinking and plotting when I have finished this blog, which is now. Cheers.

PS feeling sad about the death of Walter Becker from Steely Dan not the biggest band but always a really cool one with some eternally great music and thanks to the BBC 6 Music Now Playing show with Tom Robinson for reminding me of so many good tunes. RIP.

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