Monday, 25 September 2017

Barnoon Workshop, Contemporary Abstract Drawing and just drawing.


Above is the drawing I started and after last evenings that is the third session. When I got to the conclusion and laid it to rest I for once had no idea of whether it was finished or not. I am now looking at it in that light to see if I have an idea of where to go next. I will probably start with looking through my pen bag for inspiration and then see if I start a new drawing or continue.

I always look forward to Monday mornings and I always help and attend Draw! at Barnoon Workshop. So from 10 am to midday my wife Zoe leads the drawing group and there is a dedicated group of people who like to start the week this way too and we are often joined by visitors to St Ives who want to start the week as we do. We all seem to get a lot of drawing done and it is always a nice chatty atmosphere as we get on with the theme of the session. Today as we had reasonable weather we went out just outside the workshop to draw the new view that we now have since Tate St Ives has nearly completed their building works and the hoardings have come down. We were given a 5B Koh-I-Noor graphite pencil to do a large pencil drawing/sketch of our new view.

Above is what I managed to do in two hours although not a completed drawing I really do want to finish it, I hope I get the time. Before we started we were shown some lovely pencil drawings by Paul Noble that didn't worry too much about perspective so I didn't and I like it that way.

Three years ago I was now way happy with anything that I drew from life but I am not surprised as nearly all the drawing work I did was abstract and had been for years I was rapidly exploring although I don't seemed to have slowed down much if at all. However I did not spend much time drawing from reality. Now I draw real things every day except on Sundays. I now lead drawing tours of St Ives 5 days a week, what a great way of developing with these regular sessions and actually getting some earnings too. It is only just over seven years since we left our previous existence after giving up our jobs as teachers and relocated to St Ives Cornwall draw by its art and art history and the beauty of the area that had been in our hearts for so long.
We started here as proprietors of and arts cafe and if you would have said then or even when I was a teacher that I would be leading drawing tours of this beautiful inspiring seaside town that I would be doing that I don't think I would have believed. Many things have changed in these years here and my small conclusion on this with relevance to my drawing is that I feel I have developed a style of drawing in both abstract and non abstract work now. In some ways I feel have made a lot of progress over the last while.

Well I am off to draw and continue to see where I am going with all this.


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