Thursday, 21 September 2017

New finished drawings and bit of Today.


Above is a drawing I finished last evening that has taken a few sittings and a bit of thinking time in between.

Also whilst drawing last evening I added to the cover of one of my tour sketchbooks.

Today started with me sorting out some stuff at the workshop for today's sculpture session. I was also there just in case we had takers for the drawing tour but it had been cold and looked a bit rainy early on so I guessed that there wouldn't be one. For a while I was able to get on with another work in progress and above is how far I got whilst having my coffee, getting near the finish.

I have been trying to remember to document my day more and so here is a picture of the back of the Tate.

Above is a quick shot of the sculpture workshop in action.

Just before and over lunch I managed to actually finish this new drawing and very pleased with it I am too and it seems to have the wow factor to the couple of people I have showed it too.

This afternoon and evening just flew by and now I am about to get on with some drawing, how unusual......


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