Sunday, 10 September 2017

St Ives September Festival, Your Face My Art, Barnoon Workshop.


Sometimes Sunday is a day of rest, well this one was certainly not. It was our second event of The St Ives September Festival, 'Your Face My Art' a contemporary twist on a seaside portrait studio. There was a queue of people when we got there and I had done three of my 'ostraca' portraits by midday. The day just continued in a very busy jolly manner and by the time we had finished four of us had done 28 portraits and quite a buzz it was for us all.

Below shows you some of the moments today.

It was great to meet all these people and draw them, I haven't had a day like this before but it has been event that my wife has put so much into that we then all got involved and I am so glad we did this event and we have more of this event through the festival.

I also bumped into the director of Tate St Ives, Mark Osterfield admiring the new view we have these days since the hoardings have come down. I must admit it is starting to look pretty good and our workshop is now a whole lot more visible and yesterday and today have been a good omen for what we do as Barnoon Workshop.

On the way back home  we bumped into a few friends at The Kettle and Wink, Jordan Jackson, Bob Devereux and Ian Semple to name a few.

I did start a new drawing in last nights drawing session but I have left it at the workshop and have no pic of it so far so I am going to start another new one and start getting ready for tomorrow.


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