Monday, 18 September 2017

New drawing and larger time consuming works. David Bowie commemorative drawing.


Above is the drawing I might have finished in last evenings drawing session, so far I think it is done but I do have a slight nagging feeling I should add some colour. However that that could be just for another drawing in the future.

Above is a quick pic I took on my way to work this morning, not a bad commute!

Having arrived at Barnoon Workshop the Monday morning drawing group arrived and today we were drawing ..... me.....

Above is one of the drawings from this mornings session of the artist as model. After the session we had a quick lunch and then had a coffee and a top up at The Rum and Crab Shack then back up to the workshop to get some things ready for tomorrows upcycled jewellery class.

Above is the drawing that I managed to get a bit more work done on, it is A2 in size and I haven't organised anything to transport it home yet safely but it is a good little project to dip in and out of whilst manning the workshop. I am starting to really like the way this drawing is going and looking forward to just admiring the completed version for a bit. I do seem to like doing these drawings that are a minimal concept to start out with. Three different pens, one for lines and two for dots.. Yellow Red Black. Having decided that in my head I am now a good few hours into the making of this work.

I must enjoy these acts of repetition otherwise I wouldn't do them would I? And I do actually enjoy the experience especially when a drawing builds at a reasonably pace one or two drawings I have done in the past you would be hardly able to tell what an hours work had done but with those it is the closing sessions that are the fun ones. Knowing you are near the finishing line and realising what an epic journey it has been. I will show a few labour intensive works below.

Above and below is a line drawing that took a while, probably done over a two month period.

This drawing above also took quite a lot of time and although the inside section grew quite quickly it being with the larger dots but the outside fine liner dots seemed to go on forever and the rest of the drawing slowly evolved into the completed work.
I was overjoyed when I sat back and had a good look at it and I am still very pleased with it especially as it is my only commemorative work done after the death of David Bowie.

Above is another of my larger scale drawings that took many many hours and many many sessions to complete.

Above is another detail from another larger drawing just to show you some detail from one of my time consuming works. Below the full picture.

Above is a final one in this kind of works.

Now my thoughts turn to what I might draw when I start in a little while.

See you tomorrow.

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