Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wednesday, New Slate and stuff....

Above is the new slate drawing I finished last night. It was quite a decision to get this drawing started as the slate has two sides one with lichen growths that must have stopped growing many years ago as this slate has been indoors for quite a while, the other was clean but after some debate I decided as there is an organic quality to some aspects of my drawing that I would include them in the work.
So here is the finished piece, it probably needs to dry for another day before I deliver it too the gallery.

Above is the start of another art drop that I will do soon.

Today I helped out with a 'paint a mini masterpiece' workshop on the theme of Patrick Heron at Barnoon and then spent some time running around in the afternoon making sure we have enough breeze blocks for tomorrow's introduction to sculpture all day at Barnoon Workshop. Towards the end of the day. Tony, Judy and Nic popped up at the workshop so they could do some remedial work on a driftwood mirror. Tony had found some sea pottery that he donated to us, so I drew on a bit and gave it back, forgot to photo it for my blog though.
In the evening I have done a guitar lesson for two and am now back at home writting this and about to start my evening drawing session and make sure we have everything for tomorrow.

So cheers for now.......

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