Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Alfred Wallis Tour and Paint, new drawings, art drop started.....

Above is a smallish drawing I did last night on some marbled paper that my wife Zoe Eaton made, it makes for an interesting background and a change.

Above is a small scale drawing on a bit of Fabriano 300gsm. I do really enjoy working on a small scale as well as a large scale.

Above is the start of another art drop I am preparing.

Today I received new that I am on another art platform online so check out my new little corner here:  I wonder if it will generate more interest in my work, I do hope so.

I have put out two shots at galleries in the last week and sadly so far have not heard anything back, Oh well. I will keep trying as the life of an artist is much like being a musician, sending of demos and only sometimes getting a reply......

I took a Father and daughter on an Alfred Wallis tour today which was fun even though it was drizzling and the art they made when the got back to Barnoon Workshop was fab....



See you tomorrow...

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